Throwing A Last Minute Surprise Party

Although birthday parties can involve a lot of planning, you may not always have all the ti9me in the world to plan the party. Last minute parties are extremely common when you suddenly remember a friend’s birthday or you suddenly get an idea about throwing a party for a close friend, a sibling or a spouse. Fortunately, you can throw parties quite easily without much planning if you are willing to put your heart and soul in to it in those last few days.

Food and drinks
There are many ways in which you can sort out the food and drink for the party. You can either opt for mini buffet catering which most catering companies will be willing to undertake last minute for a slightly higher price or you can opt to make all the food yourself. You do not have to make anything high end. Most people who love food will love any kind of food and they will be perfectly happy with some delicious home cooked meals or some homemade sandwiches and finger food.

Alternatively, you can opt for tingkat delivery in Singapore which will be inexpensive, easy for you as it will be a lot less work and you can certainly guarantee that the food will be absolutely delicious.

If you want to be extremely creative, you can even choose to throw a potluck party where you instruct each of the guests attending the birthday party to bring something for the party. They can either choose to make something themselves or they can buy something from the store or order in from a restaurant as long as each guest is responsible for a dish. Potluck parties can be a lot of fun for food lover because there will be so much food available. Even if your guest list is just ten people, that means ten different dishes.

The option you choose will depend completely on your budget. If you are not the only one who is involved with the planning, you can choose to pool a little money with the other guests. You could even choose to pool your money instead of a birthday gift and throw a slightly better party with the extra money. Of course, the most important thing here is the planning because for a surprise party, you will need to make certain that the birthday girl or boy does not catch on to your planning and that you have a solid plan for the day of the party when someone brings in the birthday girl or boy to the event.