Things To Do With Your Old Baby Clothes

Have a stack of baby clothes with you that are of no use? Well, there are many things you can do with them. If you have had more than one kid, then it is obvious that you’d be having a whole lot of baby clothes and toys that you do not need anymore. So here are a few things you can do.

1. Host a clothes-swapHow hard could it be? You simply need a few snacks and call up your friends, mothers and expecting-mothers. They could bring down their old baby clothes and exchange them with one another. You can also give some to your expecting-friends since hand-me-downs can be the most comfortable clothes. Well, you won’t be getting any money of course but the new clothes will excite your little ones.

2. Take them to a baby consignment storePack all your old baby clothes and head up to a consignment store. It may seem like a little more work, but you will be ale to make some cash out of it. However, make sure you take clothes that are in good condition. You can use the cash to buy some new stuff from the store. Some stores may not give cash directly, however they would take up an exchange policy where they will let you buy what ever from the store for the value of old clothes that you brought in. It is actually worth it.

3. Use an online swapping serviceIn an era where online shopping is very popular, finding possible buyers for your baby garments will not be that difficult. The advantage of online services is that you will find people with similar needs so it makes it easier to exchange. You might have a boy shirt that they want and they might have a pair of baby booties you want. It’s actually simple.

4. Store them for laterIf you are planning to have another baby or even if a relative is hoping to have a baby, better yet store them for a later. These little boy and girl clothes in Hong Kong will bring back so many memories. Since hand-me-downs are soft and comfortable after years of usage, they are the best kind.

5. Give them for charityLet someone else have them if you are not using them. There are many organizations that accept donations in the form of garments, toys, furniture etc. Give up some of your old belongings so that another little one who not as privileged as you could have them. The thought of doing such a good deed will truly satisfy you.