The Unconventional Guide To Retaining Golden Customers

A customer is the driving force that helps any business thrive and achieve its potential. Customer is the king of it all. These are known and proven facts that any business adheres to and acknowledges. Hence in order for any company to thrive and reach the highest of highest points, they need to make sure their customers are happy and if the customer is happy then they are happy. However what separates a golden customer from any other, is that such type of customers hold the highest of loyalty to the organization and their products, hence taking all possible measures to retain them is essential. Here are a couple of things that could be done;

Social media- a strong tool
It is a known fact that in this 21st century, social media is the most powerful tool that could be used to serve any purpose if it is utilized appropriately by any source. Businesses as well too could use this to not only market their products but also recognize and retain their loyal or golden customers. Different competitions could be organized via social media tools like snap chat, Facebook or even instagram, where those that win them are publically announced and recognized through these media tools. It truly is a win-win situation, where the customer has a mini moment of fame and is satisfied and the firm promotes their products and keeps the customers happy as well. It does also save money that would have to be spent otherwise on unique corporate gifts for the customer!

Get advice and give credit
Who would know better and more about your products than your golden customers! Use this opportunity to get their advice on how you could improve your products further to satisfy customer wants better. This is a definite effective way to use, as frequent and loyal users always have constructive criticism that could be considered for future betterment of the product. While they help you out don’t forget to show your gratitude as well. It could be in the form of customised gifts in Singapore or even in the form of coupons and discounts! Whichever makes sure it shows how thankful you are for their efforts.

Keeping in touch and going beyond
Get to know your loyal customers, it may be on a first name basis or even otherwise. It wouldn’t be much of a hard task to keep up with, because usually the number of customers that fall into this category is only a handful. Talk to them and find out their problems and use this is as an opportunity to be innovative and come up with products that may help overcome them. Also giving them the privilege to be among those that are able to experience a new product firsthand, letting them access new features, resources etc. are some other suggestions as well.

Hold on to these customers as they are not only loyal customers but also a great marketing tool as well. If they receive good service they might make sure to bring in more who will also enjoy your product and service. Thus increasing your sales too!