Seek Immediate Treatment When Your Feet Hurt

There is a lot of pressure put on the muscles under your foot whenever you walk. The feet encounter tons of stress and strain when you walk and the stress is doubled, if not tripled, if the feet carry overweight people. The foot is designed to handle heavy loads, but it has a limit and beyond this, it might slit or start to ache. This is because the weight that falls on the sensitive tissues irritates it and this is why you feel aches. If you are undergoing such a foot ache, then it is important to give it complete rest so that it can heal on its own. But, many people do not worry about the initial signs of foot aches and go about with the exercise and playing routines and this finally leads to a chronic condition.

Know the reason for foot aches
There are many causes for the foot aches. Hence, it is not a thing that you should just bypass. It is important to see a primary doctor if the foot ach does not subside even after giving it 2 to 3 days rest. A doctor will take a close look at the foot and will look for the signs for the foot swelling and the aches. You should let the doctor know the exact area where it aches the most so that he can carry out a thorough examination of the area. He would ask you to take a walk, stand on one leg or do some physical tests to understand the problem. After a thorough examination and physical test, the doctor will pinpoint to the reason why you are going through the foot ache. If the tissues of the big toe are hurting you a lot, then a detailed examination of the toe will suggest whether a bunion surgery in Singapore in needed or not.

Suffering from twinges behind the soles
If there is an inflamed area behind the soles, then it could be a tendon slit. This is a very common problem seen in people who run too much and who wear shoes that cut the back part of their foot. This ache would build as time goes by and it will cause the skin to swell and turn red. These symptoms and signs must not be overlooked and you should see a medical practitioner to get this examined properly. If there is some issue and if it is detected early, then the doctor will suggest the best heel pain treatment to get rid of the problem before it becomes a huge problem that can be rectified only through a surgical procedure.