How To Select The Right Pet Groomer

Going to pet salons, spas or groomers have become rather popular especially with people who own pedigree dogs or simply those who enjoy keeping their pets healthy and groomed. Selecting the right kind of salon is important, as factors such as cleanliness or the treatment of the animals are over-looked. As a pet owner, doing some research on good pet salons can help you find the right one.

Get Recommendations Start out by doing an online search for grooming salons for pets in your area – and check out some online reviews and testimonials if there are any. Better yet, get some recommendations from friends who own pets, your veterinarian, dog trainer or even the pet store you visit regularly. You can then simply call them up can ask them about their services and what kind of packages they offer. Check out more than one place to keep your options open if you can, before bringing your dog in.

Meeting With The GroomerDuring afirst time visit to the pet salon, observe the surroundings. Is the staff professional and friendly? Do they seem to enjoy their job? This might seem like a lot to analyse on a first visit, but a pet grooming salon that is professional will reflect a good environment. It is understandable that most animal lovers take their pets and their needs seriously, so putting in some extra effort by talking to a groomer at the salon and letting them explain their services will help you decide. Ask them about their qualifications as well – you might see certifications above the reception area.

Observe The SalonHow clean and organised are the grooming areas? Does an exceptionally bad odour linger around? Do note it is common for a place where animal are frequent to have certain odours. Are there animals in cramped cages? If there are pets being groomed when you visit, observe how the staff handles them and how they might deal with a difficult animal. While dog grooming in Singapore might not be the same as a salon or spa for human beings, it still very important to maintain standards of hygiene, care and professionalism.

A Few More Things To ConsiderWhile there are qualified groomers with certificates, there are no hard and fast set regulations to become a pet groomer. So it is always better to visit a pet grooming salon you have heard good things about. You will need to keep your pet updated with their shots and inform the grooming facility if there are any special requirements for your pet, or if they are on certain medications.