Great Games To Organize At Company Retreats

Organizing company retreats is the perfect way to leave the constant stress and pressure of work behind, at least for a couple days. It can also be used as the perfect opportunity to ensure work bonds are further strengthened and soft skills are developed. There are number of places a firm could choose to hold its retreat and based on that different games could be organized too. It could help bring out the competitive and witty side of people, and even lead to identifying different other soft skills one may possess. Here are some games that could be organized;

Kayaking This is something that could be set based on the area you choose to hold the retreat in. it could be a specific place that offers kayaking or even a river would do. What makes kayaking a great sports event company in Singapore, is that it is something that cannot be done alone. It requires a lot of team work and coordination among team members. Thus making it one of the best things to organize for a retreat. It is also a sport that has a lot to do with maintaining balance and trust, the two most important things you need if don’t wish to fall overboard. It is also a great experience for anyone. Make sure you have a guide or someone who knows well about kayaking to guide you through on the dos and don’ts of the sport.

Laser tag This is another great game that could bring out the child in anyone. In addition to that it also help team building, strategizing and logical thinking. Laser tag is not only simple game of tag, it is a game of skill. It requires one to be able to think ahead of his or her opponent thus being able to outsmart them. It also requires strategizing and careful planning. Unknowingly a leader emerges from the group directing the members on what to do and where to be placed. It requires logical thinking and leadership skills. All these little things end up adding to a strong and undefeatable team that wins the game. You could always add in a little twist too to make the game more interesting!

Treasure hunts This is another great game that keeps anyone on their toes. This too could be designed in a way that helps build the team spirit among employees. Grouping them into two teams and providing them with little clues along the way to finally reach the ultimate destination. Capture the flag too is another game that is somewhat similar to this. It too helps one build logical thinking and strategizing in order to protect the team’s flag from the other.

Organizing cook-offsHave you heard of dance-offs, well similarly you could set up cook-offs amongst two teams or more. Give them an ingredient they ought to add, a food category they’ve got to make using the ingredient and judge the best team!

You could add in twists of your own to make the games more interesting. Remember it is all about building the ability to work among teams and challenge one another and themselves as well.