Creating A YouTube Video People Want To Watch

YouTube is awesome! Whether it be to watch endless hours of videos or as a way to express your ideas. Over the last few years, it has grown exponentially. As more and more content creators join the platform daily let’s take a look at what it takes to make a video that people want to watch.

Audio Quality

Not many think of this but when it comes to video the sound quality is the first thing people notice. It could be a very basic vlog or a video shot on a phone camera, but as long as the audio is good people would not be repulsed. On the other hand no matter how good the content it, if it’s full of background noise and other disruptions to the audio it can be rather annoying. Hence is it important to pay some extra attention to get some good audio equipment.

Visual Quality

After all, this IS a video sharing platform. Even if it’s just a person talking make it look good. YouTube has grown a lot from its rudimentary home video days. There are channels that spend a pretty sum on production and in order to compete with them, it is important to have good visual quality. Pay some attention to the set and make it look pleasing, use the best video equipment you can afford. There is nothing some good video editing can’t fix.


One of the main factors that define online video is that it’s very personal. YouTube was built by people recording and sharing videos they made out of passion and to this day its personalities rather than big names that control YouTube. Make that special connection with your viewers and showcase that personal touch. Your personality is the only asset that no one else has, use it well

Get help

You can’t do everything alone. There are companies that do small-scale film production in Singapore at affordable prices or you can get a friend to help you script your video. This will ensure that the best talent available to you will be there in the video and you will have enough time on your hand to focus on the creative side of things.


And finally, make content that people want to watch. If you are truly passionate about something chances are that others share this passion too. However, don’t churn out videos for the sake of it. Have good, relatable content and people will watch. If you are interested about animation production you can visit this website

YouTube can be an awesome platform to express yourself. Use it wisely and let the internet take care of the rest.