A love sonnet to my trampoline







On Christmas morning it was such a surprise,

When I ripped off the paper to find you in a box,

I could scarcely believe my eyes,

And shouted and whooped like a dog after a fox.


“A trampoline!” I cried out.  “A trampoline for me!”

My mother giggled, my husband groaned,

But nothing could dampen my exuberant glee,

For there was bouncing to commense, no matter how much Ben moaned.


A few seconds later and my trampoline sat,

A test with my foot and that was that.


I bounced, I sprang, I sprung, I leaped,

For minutes and hours and days,

This wasn’t just fun, it was fun in heaps,

I couldn’t resist shouting, “Hooray!”


“Aren’t you tired?” they asked, and I just grinned.

“Who can be tired bouncing?  I think I’ll go again!”


Thanks Mom for the trampoline!  Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! 


13 thoughts on “A love sonnet to my trampoline

  1. Oh fun! If I didn’t need low impact, I’d want one too. And Sissy would want to bounce with me, and Gg would be anxious… Okay, I’ll leave the bouncing to you.

  2. Ah, no wonder you were talking gleefully about the trampoline on my Monday post!! Yay for trampolines! I want to get one for my kids. Heck, I want one for ME.

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